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International Wedding

Everyone plans for an international honeymoon these days but ever thought of having an international wedding? As crazy and enchanting as it sounds, doing an international wedding has perks of its own and we organize a full-fledged international wedding from all the pre-wedding rituals to your wedding day everything will take place according to your needs and style under our expert guidance.


Dubai is indeed a luxurious option for a destination wedding. It offers some of the most extravagant locations with spectacular venue choices. We’ve already saw couple of proposal stories but imagine getting married with the love of your life in front of world’s tallest building! Isn’t it sounds magical? No doubt Dubai is one of the best hubs for a destination wedding, honeymoon and traveling destination because of its attractions, pristine beaches, world-class hospitality and luxury to pamper the wedding guests. So, If you are fascinated with the glitz and glamour of Dubai it’s high time to plan your dream destination wedding there


Maldives is often considered as a honeymoon spot only but let us tell you, there’s much more than that to be admired. With over 1000 plus islands, long lost Turquoise Ocean and white sandy beaches you can be sure that it doesn’t get any better than to get married in one of the splendid Maldives wedding venues. If you’re a fan of theme weddings then opting for Maldives would be a best choice for you and we’ll make sure to make your wedding oh so amazing


When it comes to international location Thailand is getting very popular as a destination wedding spot nowadays because of its marvelous kingdom showcasing Buddhist temples, alluring wildlife, thrilling activities, with the blend unique culture which has a touch of heritage enchants everyone to get hitched there. Apart from this the currency value of Thailand is almost similar to India and hotels are even more budget friendly what more you can ask for?

Bali, Indonesia

In recent times Bali has gained lot of popularity as a famous tourist spot for those who love adventures and everything close to mother’s nature. But have you ever thought of considering it as your ultimate destination wedding location? We bet you don’t, but don’t worry we’ve make sure to introduce you with the long lost beauty of this place. With colorful offerings and adorned temples everywhere bali is the so called Island of Gods in Indonesia. On the other hand, with all this beauty bali is surprisingly affordable too!


We all know that Italy is considered as one of the most romantic destinations in the world because of it’s beautiful scenery, fabulous fashionable people, luxury hotels and above all …the food! Over the past few years, Countless celebrities and famous people have recited their vows at this beautifully romantic place. Some of the famous cities to get hitched there are Capri, Venice, Milan, Rome, and Lake Como. So plan a destination wedding here and leave the rest of it on us.