Destination Wedding Do’s and Dont’s!

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If you’re someone who always dreamed of a destination wedding or falls in the category who newly got enchanted by the concept of it. To be honest! It doesn’t really matters. We all love destination weddings equally and if you’re planning to do one then it’s high time to keep your wedding checklist ready.

Since destination weddings are a lot more different than your traditional weddings. So, the requirements of it also varies. So we’ve came up with your Destination Wedding 101 list. It includes thing that you should definitely keep a double check on before your big day. 

Choose the location wisely!

destination wedding location

You certainly have some exotic locations in mind to celebrate your big day but before finalizing any cute little island or a hill top make sure to check the weather, its accommodations coz no one wants last minute hassles!

Embrace the nature as a perfect décor!

Mountain destination wedding

Destination weddings mostly take place in outdoor setups and what’s a better idea to embrace the nature as your best décor element. No luxury décor can replace the beauty of countryside. Also it’ll help you to save a lot coz décor in abroad costs a fortune.

Hire a Perfectionist

professional wedding planners

If you always get fascinated by the Instagram worthy destination weddings and wants everything to be perfect, then you should consider hiring a wedding planner. It will take the entire burden off from your head. we suggest you to hire an Indian wedding planners only because the way they’ll understand our marriage and its needs any outside management can’t.

Don’t Over pack

One of the most common mistakes every destination wedding couple do is to over pack everything which leads to a whole lot of mess. Plus all the extra luggage and its hefty charges comes along are just irrelevant. The best solution of this is to plan everything beforehand and start packing smartly. If you’re still confused about what to pack and what not then take help from your wedding planner coz they’re the pro at it.

Select wedding attire accordingly

wedding lehengas

Since it’s a destination wedding there are several factors you need to keep in mind. From whether to location to comfort everything should be balanced when it comes to your wedding outfit. So choose your wedding outfit accordingly.

Never check in your wedding dress!

Always carry your wedding dress with you on board. We suggest you to not put it for checkin. It’s your once in a lifetime attire and ain’t nobody wants to take second chances with it.

So these are some of our Holy Grail destination wedding tips which everyone should keep in mind while planning your destination wedding.

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