Pre wedding photography that looks straight from Bollywood movies.

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Pre wedding photography has always been on and off but this is an essential trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. Nowadays it’s much more than just a trend, it became a lifelong thing which has so many memories attached to it. Couple started taking it more seriously and even gone overboard with it too but it’s fun right? What more a pre-wedding shoot is for, if you don’t step out of your comfort zone??

So, in this post we’ve really dig in deep and fins out some of the most amazing and experimental yet so fancy pre-wedding shoots that even left Bollywood behind or can say looks like they have come straight from a Bollywood movie.

Check out and let us know your favorites and whether you will opt for such extravagant pre-wedding photography or not because we absolutely love them all.

The golden hour love

Pre wedding photography

Image source – Camcatches photography

How beautiful is this shot in the middle of desert and sunset giving major golden hour goal. if this is not enough for you then you can always add props to make the surroundings even more interesting.

Sky is the limit

Pre wedding photography

Image source – Studio Kelly photographyThis shot is giving us major “rang de tu mohe gerua” vibes tbh. and we absolutely loved it to the core the beach the sky everything is on point. 

Oh so beautiful bird aviary

Pre wedding photography

Image source – Studio Kelly photography

This is by far one of the most unique shot we have came across, the green element is giving a refreshing vibe to the whole shoot and the bird aviary is acting like a cherry on cake. 

The desert shot

Pre wedding photography

Image source – Studio Kelly photography

This shot again looks straight from the Bollywood romance and it will be remembered for ages because of the heroic factor of the overall picture. turns out that desert shots are looks breathtaking. 

The perfect proposal

Pre wedding photography

Image source – Studio Kelly photography

Recreating your perfect proposal on the same location is also a great hit idea since there are a lot of sentiments attached to it, so you can definitely consider this as a good idea. 

The chalte chalte vibes

Pre wedding photography

Image source –

We have told you desert sand and awesome photography are best friends. this one is truly the definition of a perfect extravagant pre- wedding shoot. 

Or see the world through my eyes shot

indian wedding photoshoot

Image source –  Oh yea! you can of course visit a new country for your pre wedding to awake the wanderlust in you, plus what more you can ask for if its with your bae, right? 

The Bollywood movie staple shot

Pre wedding photography

Image source – Studio Kelly photography

We had to include this one,because ain’t no Bollywood blog post is incomplete without a flowy duppatta on the hills with your partner isn’t it?

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