These are the latest wedding decor trending all over the internet!

June 26, 2020 by No Comments

Wedding is one of the major decisions of our life but finalizing every aspect of it from mesmerizing outfits to breathtaking venue is even more stress taking. In all this chaos we often forget to give due importance to our wedding decor. So in this post we are going to show you some of the major wedding decor trending all over the internet.

Have you visualized  tones of wedding decor idea’? Or you keep pinning all your favorite color scheme posts but still unable to make your imagination came to reality? We know that it’s indeed a daunting task. So here we are presenting you some of the latest wedding decor inspirations which you can save and recreate in your wedding.

Tassel affair

wedding decor

Tassels have always been a huge statement maker when it comes to decorations. You can consider them as a major decor piece. Include pastel floral or even bold colors in it. They look good on every occasion and in decor they are indeed a must have.

Plush pink


Can we take a moment to appreciate this oh so beautiful plush pink decor? Each and every accent looks so dreamy, from the rose gold wall to velvet couch this wedding decor is a dream come true for every pink lover. The best part is you can opt it for any occasion and not just for wedding specifically.

Floral pathways

wedding decor

Roses never go out of style and they look even more exquisite when arranged in pathways just like this decor here. You can also go for an ombre effect and it will look equally magnificent.

Cage style mandap

mandap decor

We’ve seen a lot of cage style mandap setups but this one has to be our favorite. we love the minimalist vibe with flower garlands something which will suit everyone’s taste.

Electric blue and pink

wedding decor

Dinning decor plays a vital role apart from the overall theme. Make sure to add an exquisite touch in it too. One of the biggest trends this year when it comes to wedding decor is contrasting colors. so try to incorporate them in your wedding decor.

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